The Making of "Collage"

About 1995 it dawned on me that after performing on the banjo for over thirty years I had nothing recorded. I put together six of my favorite songs with six of my originals and started practicing. I met Andy Owens for lunch and we came up with a plan. First, I needed money, so I sold my Gibson ES 350 TD guitar and my Fender piggyback amp (both from the late 50's) to Steve Miller for his collection. We put together some members of Andy's band, added David Peters and Mark Abbott, plus Steve Miller, Mike Auldridge and Steve Kaufman and began recording in 1997. Larry Seyer took time from The Dixie Chick recordings and engineered the project. In 1998 the album took off. It played on over 1900 stations world wide and went to #2 on Prime Cuts of Bluegrass. It also earned me a special indie gold record for extensive airplay. The album is still available online at Ebay and at some bluegrass outlets.