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Tunnels & Caves and Kensington get great reviews!


"Tunnels & Caves" has been given a great review from In part, the review says, "Robert Haydon has written a great mystery novel with twists and turns that transports readers directly into each scene and keeps them invested in turning pages. Witty banter, camaraderie, romantic chemistry, skillful investigating, gun battles, and farm chores are integral to this aptedly titled book..."  And more, "A captivating and riveting mystery penned by Haydon that gets readers so invested in the story they will not want to put the book down until it is finished."

Meanwhile, my book, Kensington, a memoir, has just received another great review at It said, in part, "Kensington is an enjoyable, moving, and enlightening memoir that covers historical junctures and personal incidents of a time that was far different than today's culture."

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And Here We Go!

 My name is Bob Haydon and I started playing the guitar when I was 12, the banjo when I was 14. I didn't start writing my first book until I was 65. Here's a quick version of how this has all come together:

As a Musician: I played rock'n roll in the late 50's, early 60's with Steve Miller (of the Steve Miller Band). Boz Scaggs and Buddy Miller, Steve's brother, alternated on bass. With Baron Cass and Rodger Gaulding, we were called The Marksmen. Steve has stated on many occasions that we were the first Rock band in Dallas and I agree. Our popularity was undeniable as we performed all over Dallas in hotels, at private parties, and at college frat dances. Soon enough we were engaged all over Texas, Oklahoma and into Louisiana almost every weekend. And, we were still in our mid-teens!

In 1964, with the 2nd version of The Marksmen, I had my own hit record, "Suzanne." It went to #3 on the Texas charts and showed up elsewhere all the way from California to Maryland. Warner Brothers made an offer of 125,000 for me and "Suzanne" but my management team turned them down. Phillips Records (in Ft Worth), who at the time had Paul & Paula, offered about 5000 but were also turned down (Yes, the offer did come from Ft. Worth. It was from Major Bill Smith at Le Cam Records. I've had some people disagree with this).

In 1998 I released a bluegrass instrumental CD, "Collage," with Mike Auldridge, Steve Miller, Steve Kaufman, Andy Owens and some other top-notch players. It went to #29 on some midwestern charts as well as charts in other parts of the country and overseas. It received airplay on 1900 stations across America, Europe, Japan, South America, and Australia. The album, though not a big sales success, was a critical success with Deejays and the media.

"Collage" is available at

As an Artist: Graduated from SMU with a BFA and my paintings were in galleries in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Rockwall and several sites in New Mexico during the 80's and into the early 90's. I paint representational southwestern landscapes but remain eclectic with occasional abstractive and impressionistic oils and acrylics in all sizes. I spent 40 years as a freelance artist working in Dallas studios and on my own. My cookbook designs can be found all over Texas, and especially at airports.

Currently my paintings can be seen at the Winnsboro Art Center in Winnsboro, Texas.

As a Writer: My fiction mystery, "The Panhandle Murders," is available at as is my recent book "Kensington," a memoir, sort of. My newest book "Tunnels & Caves" a mystery and sequel, sort of, is now available. I'm also working, not too hard, on a book of short mysteries, and I'm still doing occasional magazine articles. My article/interview with MIke Auldridge was a cover story for Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. I've also done feature articles with Dennis McBride and John DeFoore. My article about Steve Miller and The Marksmen was published in Nostalgia Magazine last November.

Thanks for visiting my website, a work in progress, and here's a bit more:

Landscape & Representational Art

The world of art has changed so drastically. Galleries are still out there but now a website is of equal or even more importance. I come from the old school where it was fun to visit the local galleries to see the latest art. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. But, that world is slowly disappearing in many parts of the country as art, like music, is being splintered and has joined up with the internet to show and sell. Well here is some of my work for your viewing pleasure: 

The stylized illustration to the right is of Olivia Newton-John. Acrylic on board.

Below are the following paintings, either oil or acrylic:

Amarillo by Morning, 16x20, $$$

Entrance to Red River, 18 x 24, nfs

October in Taos, 16x20, $$$

Apache Sunrise, 48 x 20, $$$$

Jim Brown, Advertising Art, nfs

The Canyon, 24 x 36, $$$$

Canyon Cactus, 18 x 24, nfs

Whitewater, 12x16, $$$

Women of the 80's, Advertising Art, nfs

Humpback Mountain, 18x24, $$$$

The Outcrop in Winter, 16 x 20, $$$

Ode to Jorge, 12x24, $$$$

Triptych, Snows of October, right panel, 12 x 24, $$$$